Will Alcohol Rehab Help Me Stay Motivated to Remain Sober?

For any endeavor to work, there must be some motivation behind the effort, and a recovery program is no different. Without motivation in the equation, you will feel labored and directionless. Although getting sober was probably not on your agenda, once you channel the inspiration you need to remain sober, you will set yourself on the path of recovery. Motivation is essential for long-term sobriety, https://ecosoberhouse.com/ and here is what will happen with motivation as your guiding force in recovery. In a time of need, they have gone above & beyond to assist our family, provide lifelong tools, answer questions, explain everything in great detail & have wonderful medical care. Each & every staff member, I have been in contact has been kind & compassionate willing to help & guide me through each situation.

We are motivated or driven to reduce our needs and stay alive. For instance, human beings have biological needs which produce an internal condition of tension that orients an individual toward a specific behavior or goal. Wittman FD, Polcin DL. The evolution of peer run sober housing as a recovery resource for California communities. Get great free recovery-related content like newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, videos and invitations to special SMART Recovery events delivered straight to your inbox. You were just plane lucky not to have any legal ramifications from your overuse of alcohol.

Maintaining Motivation During Recovery

One participant noted that costs of abstinence subsided as one worked a recovery program and found new ways to manage the challenges of abstinence. What a world of a difference your recovery will have if you add in some motivation to make the process go much smoother. Where there is a will, there is a way, and recovery is achievable for this very reason.

It is important to acknowledge that these feelings are normal, and they are bound to occur from time to time. When practicing self-care, you will improve the way your body and mind feel, which can help you feel better about yourself overall. The cons of recovery may seem like a lot at first but with every con, there is a pro and in harder times it is important to remember why you are choosing to make this change for yourself. Some of these pros could include an increased awareness of life, a healthier body, greater ambition, and a new social circle full of loving individuals who accept who you are. Join The Recovery Community – Recovering addicts benefit from having a support system that is part of the recovery community. There are always traditional meetings available in local areas.

Motivation to maintain sobriety among residents of sober living recovery homes

A therapist can help you learn new coping skills, develop new thinking patterns, and address any co-occurring mental health conditions that may make recovery more difficult. To avoid relapse and remain sober, it’s important to develop healthy relationships. It may help to pick a quit date, or a day when you choose to discontinue use of alcohol or drugs. It’s also helpful to change your environment—for instance, avoid going to bars. However, the word is often used in different ways in different contexts.

Young adults in their recovery phase learn about what their personal triggers are and how to control them. After your return from the treatment center, it is important to steer clear of these.

Drug Abuse Help is About More Than Just Drugs

The motivation to enter treatment stems from a number of different places depending on the circumstances. Often an event, like a drug-induced temporary psychosis (i.e. bad trip), an overdose, or a severe hangover will motivate you to seek staying sober help. When the disease progresses, the pain of addiction itself and the subsequent suffering it causes can be determining factors for an individual entering rehab. It is easy to romanticize the life you once lived while using substances.

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